Phone UV Sterlizer Box For iPhone 11 X 7 8 XR For Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 8 Samsung Huawei Mask UVC Lamp Steriliser Sterilizer Box

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Where are the bacteria hidden in life?

After inspection,The place with the most bacteria is not our hands,But mobile phones, keys, masks, etc.After testing, their bacterial content may be 7-10 times that of the toilet.

UV-C Phone Sterilizer Box

UV-C is widely used in hospitals, disinfection cabinets, food factories, etc.

Can effectively eliminate a large number of bacteria.

Sterilization As simple as washing hands

In our life, we can wash away the bacteria in our hands, but we can’t wash away the bacteria in our daily necessities. UV-C sterilizer will solve this problem for you.

360 ° full surround sterilization

360 ° full surround sterilization,Eliminate harmful bacteria in all directions.

Under the influence of epidemics, it is necessary to clean mobile phones, masks and other daily necessities to ensure our health.

Why use UV-C to kill bacteria?

UV is divided into A / B / C / D,4 wave bands,
the one with sterilization effect is C wave bands.

Application field of ultraviolet rays:
① UV-C — Skin injury level:★
Used in hospitals, air-conditioning systems, disinfection cabinets, drinking fountains, food factories, cosmetics factories,breweries, beverage factories, bakeries and cold rooms.

② UV-B — Skin injury level:★★★
Used for making ultraviolet health care lamp, plant growth lamp, etc.

③ UV-A — Skin injury level:★★★★★
Used in the production of insect trap lights, ink glue curing,ore identification, stage decoration, banknote detection and other fields.

Increase the number of uses for masks

In case of insufficient masks, the masks can be deeply sterilized by UV-C sterilizer and used again.

Two Sterilization modes

Start mode of sterilization mode:
Standard sterilization mode: Press the start button once, the indicator lights (green light), and enter the 10-minute sterilization mode.

Fully-powerful sterilization mode: Press the start button twice, the indicator light (blue light) starts to enter the 30-minute full-powerful sterilization mode.

Turn off the sterilizer: Press the start button three times to turn off the sterilizer.

Red light, indicating power
Green light, standard sterilization mode
Blue light, powerful sterilization mode
After testing, 10 minutes is the minimum time to eliminate a lot of bacteria. Please be patient for health.

Samrt Security Protection Function

Opening the lid will automatically turn off the sterilized UV-C ultraviolet rays to protect the skin.

Please note: Exposure to ultraviolet rays UV-A, UV-B, UV-C for a long time will cause damage to the skin, but UV-C is the least harmful.

Aromatherapy Groove

Add aroma liquid or essential oil here,Effectively eliminate odor.

product Details

The appearance is simple and high-end, powerful, and safe.

Additional information

Brand Name


Model Number

UV-C Sterlizer Box

working principle

UV-C ultraviolet sterilization

Sterilization mode 1

Standard disinfection (10 minutes)

UV Wavelength


Sterilization mode 2

Fully sterilized (30 minutes)

Smart switch

Open lid automatically close

Internal dimensions

21.1 cm * 11.1 cm * 2.7cm

Apply to

phone, mask, key, earphone and other small items


ABS Plastic

power supply

Type C charging port

Feature 1

UV Sterlizer Box

Feature 2

UVC lamp Sterilizer


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