Realtime localizador xy find it gps tag key finder GPRS GSM Tracker For Car/Vehicle/Motorcycle Tracking Device dropshipping

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Realtime GPS GPRS GSM Tracker For Car/Vehicle/Motorcycle Tracking Device

Functional ;

  • 1. Supports Apple scanner download, Apple supports iOS system, Android system Google. Supports power display.

  • 2 Super long standby up to 3 months, super strong magnetic, can be arbitrarily pasted (pay attention to the place with iron)

  • 3 Real-time tracking, trajectory playback, anti-counterfeiting base station detection, fence setting alarm, vibration alarm, voice-controlled callback alarm, sending instruction recording, audition, supporting long-time recording of TF card, remotely deleting all contents of memory card,

  • 4. Multiple management cell phone numbers, intercom, remote restart can be set.

  • Five GPS + base station + AGPS + WIFI four positioning methods, faster and more accurate positioning.

  • 6. Provisional point mode, longer standby time, or regular switching on, and other functions can be set.

  • Global Universal GSM+GPRS Four Frequency System: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

  • 7 Location query: the specific location of users can be queried by mobile phone or computer

  • Electronic fence: Equipment-centric map delineation of an area, in and out of the area immediately alarm

  • 9 History track: inquire about the running track of the equipment anytime and anywhere within three months, that is to say, send out rescue call and information to the guardian

  • L0 Address Book: Add/View Supervisory Number (SOS, Dad, Mom)/White List/Friends through Guardian Mobile App

  • L1 two-way calls: not supported for the time being

  • L2 remote monitoring: high-sensitivity microphone, real-time monitoring of peripheral sounds in case of user emergencies

  • L3 remote shutdown: the device shutdown function can be realized through the guardian cell phone APP

  • L4 Intelligent Power Saving: Turn off/turn on GPS and data upload in time

  • This GPS mobile client/micro-messenger/computer service platform can be used for multiple control modes for personal cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, dirt cars, school buses and other vehicles.


  • Support APP download/Android IOS GSM band 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz

  • Charging Interface Built-in Micro 5pin

  • Unsupported CDMA Telecommunication Card

  • Supporting maximum 32G TF card

  • Service Platform/WWW.365GPS/com/Apple Application/365GPS/Android Application 365GPS APP Interface Download/Language Automatic Conversion Based on Mobile Language

  • Account ID; IMEI number, default password 123456

  • Built-in polymer battery/4800 mA

  • Input Voltage 5V battery service time is about 240-360 hours

  • Standby time is about 3 months

  • GPS positioning accuracy is about 10 (m)

  • Working ambient temperature – 20 ~70 ~20% – 80% RH

  • Indicator lamp: Red light indicator is normally slow flashing, standby off charging is always on. Yellow light: Slow flash normal flash is searching for signal, standby out. Blue: Slow flash normal flash search satellite signal, standby out

    Packing contents:

    • 1 x GPS Tracker

    • 1 x USB



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