Hot 6PCS/B smoke insecticides fast comprehensive poison bomb for cockroach bait magical smog fly bed bugs Mosquito ant Killer

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Description 1. The main ingredient of this product is beta-cypermethrin. When used, smoke insecticides produce a lot of smoke and penetrate every corner of the room. When pests such as cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes, bed bugs come into contact with smoke, they will die. This product is a low-toxic product, so people and pets should leave the room during use. 2. Because it is smoke insecticide, so it has the characteristics of fast, all-round killing. The application area per 1pcs is about 15 square meters. The more closed the room or the more the number of uses, the better the effect. Use Instructions 1. Smoke insecticide. Smoke quickly kills pests in all directions. Buy once for a pack of 4pcs. 2. Close the doors and windows before use to make the room as airtight as possible and treat bedding, clothes, food and tableware well to prevent contamination. (Be sure to determine no indoor gas leakage before use) 3. Open the aerosol cover and place the smoke on non-combustibles. Ignite the fuse to create smoke. After use, people and pets leave the room immediately. 4. After 2-4 hours of smoking, open doors and windows, and then enter the room again after sufficient ventilation. Note 1. This product will generate a lot of smoke when used, such as installing a smoke alarm, please note. 2. Fish and pets should not be kept in the room, and tableware and food should be kept in advance. 3. Do not let children touch play and use this product alone. 4. If there are pregnant women and elderly people in the family, please use them with caution.

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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 110 cm
Pest Type




Brand Name


Applicable Area

150-200 ㎡

Model Number



25G X 6pcs


Micro poison

Application scope

1pcs / 15 square meters


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