2019New Xiaomi CACTUS Mosquito Killer Lamp Electronics Anti mosquito Trap LED Light Lamp Bug insect killer Lights Pest Repeller


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2019New Xiaomi CACTUS Mosquito Killer Lamp Electronics Anti mosquito Trap LED Light Lamp Bug insect killer Lights Pest Repeller

● Potted Shape The lines of the coffin, such as high-end fashion cuts, outline the cactus. The simple shape structure, while carrying the functionality of the product, is like a potted green potted plant. With the white and green color matching, it brings a cool and quiet visual experience, and it is integrated into the furniture environment without any trace. ●Inhalation Type Mosquito Killer The principle of inhalation and anti-mosquito uses the mosquito’s phototaxis of UV light to induce it to enter the effective range of the mosquito-killing lamp, and the airflow generated by the fan is sucked into the mosquito storage box. ●360° open air duct design, no angle of view trapping 360° UV violet light trap + 360° open air duct design, increase airflow suction and coverage, and kill mosquitoes more efficiently. ●Purple mosquito The use of mosquitoes for phototaxis of ultraviolet light does not use volatile agents. Dark light reduces visual disturbances and is convenient for nighttime use. ● Smokeless, odorless, dust free No fumes, dust and irritating odors are produced during work, reducing the likelihood of respiratory discomfort. Tips: It is turned on 3 hours before bedtime, and it works better when there is no one, no light. ●USB powered The mosquito killer is powered by the Micro USB interface and is compatible with most mobile phone chargers and charging treasures. The compact potted design reduces space occupation and can be easily placed in the corner of the desk and bedside table. ●One button control The whole machine has only one switch button located at the top of the fuselage, and the metal lacquer finish and feel after being polished by a multi-layer process. Free control between fingertips. ●Removable mosquito storage box Removable storage box for easy removal and easy cleaning. Designed to be washable and easy to dry, reducing bacterial growth. ●Lock mosquito design Isolation of air ducts and mosquito storage boxes reduces the escape of undead mosquitoes. The circulation pattern design does not affect the wind. ●The best anti-mosquito effect guide –When using this product to prevent mosquitoes, be sure to turn it on (>3 hours) before starting to use it. –It is better to use in an unmanned environment, avoiding the mosquitoes affected by human body temperature and odor, and affecting the use effect. –When killing mosquitoes, please turn off other lights to ensure that the mosquito lamp is the only light source. –This product uses physical anti-mosquito work mode, non-toxic, harmless, odorless, non-radiative, does not contain any drugs and chemical components, so it will not kill mosquitoes immediately after starting up. –Please check the mosquito storage box after 24 hours of use. The principle of physical mosquito killing is to catch the mosquito and let it die by air drying. This process takes some time. If it is opened frequently, it may cause the undead mosquito to escape. –For the first time, it is recommended to use it continuously for more than 48 hours. If it is used during the day, please close the doors and windows and pull up the curtains to ensure that it is opened in a dark and closed environment. In addition, try to place the product at a position of about 1 meter above the ground. Do not place the product in the air conditioner or fan outlet. Specifications NAME :CACTUS Mosquito Killer – Mosquito Killer / Cactus MODEL: DSHJ-L-006 Input Interface :Micro USB Power: 1.5 W INPUT: DC5V – 0.3A NET WEIGHT: ≈307g SIZE : 120mm * 120mm * 150mm STANDARDS: GB 4706.1-2005

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Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm
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Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

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